🎉 ( TresureNFT pleased to announce a new partnership with CryptoCup🎉


🏆 CryptoCup is among the leading venture capital firms that have a significant impact on Thailand’s crypto market:

📍Partnered with 100+ startup projects; contributing to successful project launches

📍100++ Venture Capitals, Exchanges, Launchpads, and KOLs in their network


🏆 TreasureNFT is the world’s first comprehensive NFT trading platform based on algorithmic trading, through an innovative algorithmic trading model, using automatic algorithmic quotes, automatic maintenance of liquidity, pioneering the industry, unlike the traditional NFT trading platform quote model, vulnerable to market sentiment interference, as well as irrational investment factors driven by NFT asset prices fluctuate significantly, once the market heat NFT assets will experience a lack of liquidity, TreasureNFT with an innovative algorithmic price trading model, for each NFT assets are given liquidity.


Through this partnership, we believe that Crypto Cup and TreasureNFT will construct mutual exceptional benefits for the parties and the community members🔥

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