DGG NETWORK pleased to announce a new partnership with CryptoCup


🏆 CryptoCup is among the leading venture capital firms that have a significant impact on Thailand’s crypto market:

📍Partnered with 100+ startup projects; contributing to successful project launches

📍100++ Venture Capitals, Exchanges, Launchpads, and KOLs in their network


🏆 DGG is leading game publisher in Southest Asia, established to support for NFT Gaming Industry.


📍The largest entertainment resource system in Vietnam with 50 million users on Facebook.

📍The largest fanpage in Vietnam with more than 9.6 million followers.

📍The largest female KOL community in Vietnam with more than 2 million active members.

📍The largest and interactive NFT Game community in Vietnam with 131,000 members.

📍 TikTok resource system with more than 300 million followers, 90 billion views with 3 hastags #THEANH28 #DCGR and hastag #DGGNetwork, already reached 693 million views.

📍Fanpage Coin28 – The largest fanpage of blockchain market in Vietnam with 395,000 likes.


Through this partnership, we believe that Crypto Cup and DGG NETWORK will construct mutual exceptional benefits for the parties and the community members🔥


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